Formula 353 FAS³Tech: A Screaming WOT of 80 mph!

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30 Jun 2010

Formula 353 FASTech

Capt. Steve gives a step-by-step description of breaking the 80 mph barrier.

At Formula, the recipe of simply adding horsepower to get face-flattening speed wasn’t good enough. They decided that anybody could build a go-fast boat with enough horsepower and a stripped-out light boat that was a one-trick pony. So Formula decided that they would go fast the hard way — in comfort with style and class. Formula has four high-performance models and the newest of them is the 353 FAS³Tech. But how fast is fast? And, what kind of skill does it really take to handle one of these waterborne Indy racers? To find out we sent Capt. Steve over to Formula’s new Long Island, New York facility and we asked him to test the boat. We also wanted to check out the Formula difference in fit-and-finish, amenities and creature comforts to see if the Formula 353 was up to the other boats in its line. Away we go…

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