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20 Dec 2011

PowerTech Propellers has now won back-to-back IBEX Innovation Awards for 2010 and 2011 in the propeller category. The latest PowerTech! Propeller design, named the PowerStop, incorporates the world’s first reverse thrust propeller that performs great in both forward and reverse directions, according to the company.

This new design incorporates unique cupping, on both the leading and trailing edges, thereby enhancing control for stopping, reversing and maneuvering. Having the ability to stop quicker and maneuver accurately in reverse make this design inherently safer for family and novice boating activities.

The PowerStop!’s aft-tapered cup extends to create a pointed trailing edge that acts as a leading edge in reverse, allowing the PowerStop! to easily slice through the water in reverse.

The real secret to the PowerStop!…cupping faired into the underside of the leading edge to dramatically enhance grip for superior stopping, backing, and maneuvering performance.

While traditional propellers are designed with forward motion in mind, and previously reverse direction props were designed with rearward motion as the priority, the PowerStop! is designed to work well in BOTH directions. “The rapidly growing pontoon and deck boat market is always faced with ways to reduce the effects of wind, tide and a variety of performance issues. PowerTech! propellers answers those concerns with a brilliantly crafted reverse thrust propeller, providing new levels of control without harming overall performance,” said IBEX Innovation Awards Judge, Brady Kay.

The PowerStop! reverse-thrust propeller is available in, both, aluminum and stainless steel.

“We are proud to have earned this award of distinction from both the NMMA and the BWI, which verifies our commitment to new product development and cutting edge designs,” said Steve Powers, founder and president. With nearly half a million propellers in service on every continent, PowerTech! Propellers has established itself as one of the top-tier propeller companies in the world.

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