Top 10 List …Of Most Researched Boats of 2010 (1st Half)

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7 Jul 2010

Letterman’s  Top 10 list of the most researched boats in 2009 was so popular with readers we have decided to do it again for the first half of 2010. The amazing thing is how much of it changed, even though some boats scored high in both time periods. Boaters who do research at are generally the most knowledgeable boat buyers because they are looking at all aspects of the choices in any given type and class of boat and they are seeking 3rd party input. Boats that have the most interest are ones that more people will be buying than would otherwise, in many cases. In some cases, high interest indicates a coming trend, a styling or function preference, or significant curiosity. Because lists basic specs on over 6,000 powerboats, has captain’s reports or reviews on nearly 2,000 boats of all sizes from 15′ to 120′, 4,000 marine videos on boats and related subjects, and about 2,500 detailed owners reports, as well as links from new boats to used boat prices in our 130,000 classified listings, there is simply a treasure trove of buying information to be mined on this site. We urge you to take a moment to look at the Top Ten lists below to see what our other readers are researching. Full Story.

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