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8 Jul 2010

Some great tips for those camping on the lake:

  • Set your tent up so it is in shade during afternoon and sun in the morning. Dew will dry faster in the morning sun and the tent will be cooler in the afternoon.
  • Put a small rug on the ground outside the entrance to your tent for donning and doffing shoes – The tent will stay much cleaner.
  • Want to cut down on dishwashing? Use paper plates and burn them in the campfire.
  • You can never have too many flashlights, tarps or bungee cords.
  • “Real” dry bags made for canoe camping work best. A makeshift bag can be made by putting a trash bag inside a pack or duffle bag. The trash bag by itself will surely puncture.
  • Pack cards or board games in case of rain.
  • A small battery-operated fan works wonders for sleeping on a hot night.
  • Try coffee singles instead of instant. These coffee “tea bags” travel well and the coffee tastes better than instant.
  • If possible, chill you cooler in a freezer before use. Ice lasts much longer.
  • Need another pillow? Put your clothes in a stuff sack.
  • If you won’t have access to safe water, take plenty with you.
  • Keep a bottle of water by your sleeping bag at night so you won’t have to get up if you get thirsty.
  • Write out a packing list of everything you want to take.- Cross out items as you pack them and you won’t forget anything.

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