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The Little Rock District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports that heavy rains are causing some of its six lakes in the White River basin to rise rapidly, especially Beaver Lake near Rogers, Table Rock Lake near Branson, Mo., and Clearwater Lake near Piedmont, Mo.

There are plenty of ways to get to the two current JJ’s Grill locations in Northwest Arkansas. You can drive your car, ride a horse (not recommended), fly your helicopter (you have a helicopter?), walk, bike, motorbike, wheelbarrow, or cartwheel. To this point, however, no JJ’s location has been accessible by boat. That will change […]

Nearly every campsite surrounding Beaver Lake is experiencing flooding Monday, and the lake level continues to rise. Ranger Alan Bland and other rangers are currently barricading roads to prevent people from getting to flooded areas. The worst places Monday morning were: Rocky Branch, Dam Site Park, and Indian Creek. There’s been a small mudslide at […]

“They always have a good time out there, tie up their boats,” boater Kaleb Binzant said. It’s these rowdy parties on a particular Beaver Lake cove Benton County sheriff’s deputies will be cracking down on. “They go from boat to boat and hoop and holler,” boater Chip Kinion said.

The Army Corps of Engineers at Beaver Lake announced recently that Annual Day Use Passes for the Year 2011 are now in stock and available for purchase at the Beaver Lake Project Office at 2260 North 2nd Street in Rogers. The passes cost $30 each, and holders of Golden Age/Access Passports or America the Beautiful […]

The wintertime waters of Beaver Lake are usual pretty quiet, but up above it’s a much different story.”25 years ago when I first saw them, I thought they were lost,” said Ranger Alan Bland, but the thousands of seagulls who show up on Beaver Lake every winter aren’t lost, they’re just hungry.”

While levels are nowhere near the 1105 level of early 2007, boaters should still exercise caution. Officials of the Army Corps of Engineers urge boaters, dock owners and visitors at Beaver Lake to take extra safety measures because of the low lake level.  The lake is at elevation 1,115 feet, which is about five feet […]

Once a year for the past five years, Beaver Lake has had an annual physical exam. And it’s all thanks to volunteer scientists who take time out on a Saturday to help with the effort during Secchi Day on Beaver Lake, held in August each year.

BEAVER LAKE, Ark. — Beaver Lake Ranger Alan Bland is frustrated with the amount of trash being dumped at Beaver Lake. Bland is working to bring attention to the dumping problem with the lake’s Annual Beaver Lake Cleanup, an event that brings the community out to pick up trash at the lake.

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