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BENTON COUNTY, Ark. — Low water at Beaver Lake is causing problems for boaters. Ranger Allan Bland with the U.S Army Corps Of Engineers said the corps has gotten several reports of damage to boats caused by tree stumps and rocks beneath waters.Bland said the engineers are expecting even more come Labor Day weekend, which […] ROGERS, Ark. — Lake levels are now down more than 10 feet from this year’s peak at Beaver Lake. They are almost 14 feet below flood stage.Marina employees said you can definitely tell the difference along the shoreline.Crowds on the lake are starting to dwindle. The Army Corps expects one more big crowd on […]

Some Boats Damaged As Water Level Drops ROGERS, Ark. — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the water level at Beaver Lake is at its lowest point in three years.The group said the lower level is because of planned water releases and dry conditions in the area.Engineers said that the lower level has caused […]

Game and Fish Commission OKs $3.5million in Renovation projects LITTLE ROCK —Arkansas wildlife areas, nature centers and fishing facilities will undergo a $3.5 million face lift under a plan approved by the state Game and Fish Commission. The money for the work will come from natural gas lease funds the commission received but which have […]

LANDOWNERS LEADERS OF PROGRAM NORTHWEST ARKANSAS — The forests, fields and yards that border Beaver Lake are the focus of Lake Smart, a multiagency program to help maintain the reservoir’s water quality. Lake Smart educates people who own land along the lake to protect the reservoir through beneficial land use. Beaver Lake is the drinking […]

The 5th annual Secchi Day on Beaver Lake will be held on Saturday, Aug. 21, at the East and West Shelters near the boat ramp at Prairie Creek on Beaver Lake. Volunteers are being recruited now to help with Beaver Lake monitoring done with use of a Secchi disk-  a black and white device lowered […]

Ton and a half of trash collected during West Fork cleanup News — By Christopher Spencer on June 29, 2010 at 1:08 PM Volunteers load trash at West Fork Cleanup on June 5, 2010. On June 5, 96 volunteers collected approximately 1.52 tons or 3,040 pounds of trash and recyclables – including 28 passenger tires […]

KFSM-TV After the flash flooding at Albert Pike park rangers in Northwest Arkansas are reevaluating their own emergency response system. “It’s a good time to reflect on that, go through some safety equipment that we have, radios, make sure everything is working,” said Alan Bland, Park Ranger for Beaver Lake. The lake has more than […] ROGERS, Ark. — The Army Corps of Engineers announced Tuesday afternoon that it will begin making releases June 24 through the hydropower turbines at Beaver Dam to bring the lake level down to elevation 1,121.4 feet, which is the top of the conservation pool. Beaver Lake is currently at elevation 1,124.7 feet. The high […]

BEAVER LAKE, Ark. — As Memorial Day weekend approaches, there is new frustration with gas prices.It now costs 30 cents more per gallon than it did at this time last last year. The average price is $2.65 per gallon. The increase is alarming for some, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep people  […]

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