Swimmers Trek 40 Miles to Beaver Dam

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30 Aug 2011

It took just under 24 hours for swimmers to make it from the 412 bridge all the way up to Beaver Dam.


It’s a feat that had never been attempted before Saturday — 40 swimmers swimming 40 miles using just 80 arms and 80 legs.

It was a team effort with each person pulling 5,280 feet of the 40 mile journey from the 412 bridge to Beaver Dam.

“It was long but it was a great exciting adventure,” says organizer Jeff Spencer. His optimism comes from knowing every dollar dropped on this event is one raised for the Jones Center in Springdale.

“Swimming is what provided me my education and opportunities for some of the blessings that I have and so it’s a small way to give back,” says Spencer.

“In open water, you cannot see the bottom and you can’t really see very far in front of your face and it’s easy to get creeped out,” says Robin Woodward.

“If that kayak got ahead of you were definitely popping your head up a lot looking for your point,” says swimmer Jason Ryan.

But after their leg of relay, they only remember they were the first group to swim from end to end.

Spencer says next year they aim to have the second annual Long Dam Swim on the longest day of the year in 2012.



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