Low water at Beaver Lake is causing problems for boaters.

Ranger Allan Bland with the U.S Army Corps Of Engineers said the corps has gotten several reports of damage to boats caused by tree stumps and rocks beneath waters.Bland said the engineers are expecting even more come Labor Day weekend, which is usually one of the most popular weekends for boaters. Bland said that’s why they’ve already started warning boaters of low water.”If you’re on the lake, a good rule of thumb is if you see a bluff on one side and a field on the other side, stay on the side of the bluff because water there tends to be deeper than it is on the other side,” said Bland.Bland said the water is at its lowest since 2007. He said that’s normal considering the lack of rain and high heat this summer.



Lake levels are now down more than 10 feet from this year’s peak at Beaver Lake.

They are almost 14 feet below flood stage.Marina employees said you can definitely tell the difference along the shoreline.Crowds on the lake are starting to dwindle. The Army Corps expects one more big crowd on Labor Day weekend.

Les Sage remembers the exact moment he got an eye-opening look at what he was going up against when he descended into an Ozark reservoir to go fishing with his spear gun.

“When I was just getting started, I was hunting in Beaver Lake and I noticed a largemouth bass acting peculiarly,” said Sage, 61, who lives in Joplin. “It kept darting around and then shot straight up like a Polaris missile and went completely out of the water. Read the rest of this entry »

A course on sailing will be offered by the Beaver Lake Sail and Power Squadron starting Friday.

The course involves eight to 10 sessions. Classroom instruction is from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday evenings. The first class is at the Rolandelli residence near Prairie Creek. The location for other classes has yet to be determined. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BAILEY’S BEAVER LAKE GUIDE SERVICE (479)366-8664 With water temps exceeding 88 degrees stripers are back on the lower section. They are feeding actively! Most striper are being caught between 30 and 60 feet deep with some large fish caught near 100 ft deep. The striper are in their big summer schools! Night fishing is hot right now! Try lights near rocky branch and point 5, shad, minnows, and spoons are catching nice whites, hybrids and stripers with some walleye, catfish and crappie. Check along bluffs and tree lines! Bombers and redfins fished on down riggers are producing nice striper at night….troll baits at about 1.5- 2.5 miles per hour. Umbrellas are also producing at this speed. Work the area above the thermocline where the bait fish are holding when trolling umbrellas. Read the rest of this entry »

By Chris Kelly, BoatTEST Publisher

So you’ve decided to buy your first boat. Congratulations! Because 2/3 of the earth’s surface is covered by water, your new boat will let you visit a lot more of the planet, much more than you can visit by car.

Norwalk Boat ShowUnlike cars, however, recreational boats are not about simple transportation. Some people buy boats because they’ve made the decision to get away with family and friends and go to places where landlubbers can’t go. Lakes, bays, rivers, sounds, harbors, islands, and even oceans are suddenly available for your exploration when you own a boat.

you are making a lifestyle choice, and this guide will help you get the most out of the experience while avoiding some pitfalls in the process. Read the rest of this entry »

The Arkansas boater education certificate (commonly known as the Arkansas boating license) is proof that a boater has successfully completed a boating safety course.

To legally operate any motorboat (including personal watercraft) on Arkansas waters, a person who is of legal age to operate, whether an Arkansas resident or a non-resident, and who is born on or after January 1, 1986, must have successfully completed an approved safe boating course and carry proof of certification when on board the vessel.

Download the Arkansas Boating handbook HERE


Take the Arkansas Online Boat Safety Course HERE

Some Boats Damaged As Water Level Drops

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the water level at Beaver Lake is at its lowest point in three years.The group said the lower level is because of planned water releases and dry conditions in the area.Engineers said that the lower level has caused several boaters to damage their vessels, but they said the lower level is not unusual. They said boaters have grown accustomed to the higher-than-usual lake level over the past several years.

First of FLW Tour’s new Majors will now be on Beaver Lake in Walmart’s backyard

FLW Outdoors announced that Beaver Lake has been added to the 2011 Walmart FLW Tour schedule. The Walmart Open, which will be held March 3-6 in Rogers, Ark., will begin the 2011 FLW Tour Majors season. Read the rest of this entry »

Game and Fish Commission OKs $3.5million in Renovation projects

LITTLE ROCK —Arkansas wildlife areas, nature centers and fishing facilities will undergo a $3.5 million face lift under a plan approved by the state Game and Fish Commission.

The money for the work will come from natural gas lease funds the commission received but which have been tied up through court actions resolved in the state’s favor.

Many of the 133 projects the commission approved at a special meeting Thursday were termed “deferred maintenance.” Some of the more extensive projects include: Read the rest of this entry »

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