— The forests, fields and yards that border Beaver Lake are the focus of Lake Smart, a multiagency program to help maintain the reservoir’s water quality.

Lake Smart educates people who own land along the lake to protect the reservoir through beneficial land use. Beaver Lake is the drinking water source for most of Northwest Arkansas and beyond. Read the rest of this entry »

As kids we told the snake trajectory to help us learn to tie the bowline – one of the most basic and important of all nautical knots. Once learned, who can forget it? A power boater only needs to know a few basic knots to get by in most situations. Read the rest of this entry »

The 5th annual Secchi Day on Beaver Lake will be held on Saturday, Aug. 21, at the East and West Shelters near the boat ramp at Prairie Creek on Beaver Lake.

Volunteers are being recruited now to help with Beaver Lake monitoring done with use of a Secchi disk-  a black and white device lowered into the water to measure clarity.      Volunteers are trained at lakeside about 10 minutes before they launch from four different sites that morning. While on the lake, they travel to a specific location to measure clarity with the Secchi disk while also gathering water samples to be analyzed for chlorophyll a, nitrate, and total phosphorous. Read the rest of this entry »


From Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

As of Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 1,120.78 feet MSL (Normal conservation pool – 1,120 MSL).

Bailey’s Beaver Lake Guide Service (479-366-8664) said the water temperature is in the mid 80s. Stripers have moved back to the lower section of the lake and are feeding actively. They are in their big summer schools and most are being caught 25 to 40 feet deep. They are holding on steeper breaks where they have quick access to deep water and can ambush shad. Live gizzard shad will always produce nice stripers. Rocky Branch, Point 5, Indian Creek and Lost Bridge are all holding stripers, depending on the time of day. Night fishing is great right now around Rocky Branch and Point 5. Shad, minnows and spoons are all catching nice whites, hybrids and stripers and even some walleye, catfish and crappie. Bombers and redfins fished on down riggers are best for catching stripers at night, along with umbrellas. Troll these baits at about 2.5 miles per hour. The morning bite has been over by 8 a.m., and the night bite starts around 9 p.m. For daily Beaver Lake levels and flow data go to Bailey’s website and click on the Daily Beaver Lake Level and Flow info link. Read the rest of this entry »

The Beaver Lake Sailing Club had its annual Dave Durst Memorial Founders Cup Regatta Saturday June 12, 2010 at Beaver Lake. The event featured several sailboats of different sizes competing against each other and the clock.  Pictures of the event can be found at HERE

For more information about Beaver Lake Sailing Club visit their site

While originally canceled due to lack of sponsorship, JJ at Arrowhead boat sales has announced that the event is still going to happen “This will be a true grassroots event for the riders, by the riders”

Beaver Lake Wake Fest’s mission is to is to bring together talent and spectator to further promote the undeserved market of the water sport enthusiast and his/her family. This tournament has been successful in years prior in keeping these goals. In the past the competition involved over 70 riders from 5 states and  BLT Wakeboard  had the privilege of donating $2000 to the Children’s Advocacy Center in 2009.   Last year the BL Tournament brought an estimated $550,000 of economic impact to Rogers and NWA.

Last year the event attracted over 1,000 spectators per day and was covered by the Arkansas Traveler, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, and other media outlets.


Prairie Creek Cove

Rogers, AR 72756

Beaver Lake

For further information contact JJ Bauman at Arrowhead boat sales

Camping tips

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8 Jul 2010

Some great tips for those camping on the lake:

  • Set your tent up so it is in shade during afternoon and sun in the morning. Dew will dry faster in the morning sun and the tent will be cooler in the afternoon.
  • Put a small rug on the ground outside the entrance to your tent for donning and doffing shoes – The tent will stay much cleaner.
  • Want to cut down on dishwashing? Use paper plates and burn them in the campfire.
  • You can never have too many flashlights, tarps or bungee cords.
  • “Real” dry bags made for canoe camping work best. A makeshift bag can be made by putting a trash bag inside a pack or duffle bag. The trash bag by itself will surely puncture.
  • Pack cards or board games in case of rain.
  • A small battery-operated fan works wonders for sleeping on a hot night.
  • Try coffee singles instead of instant. These coffee “tea bags” travel well and the coffee tastes better than instant.
  • If possible, chill you cooler in a freezer before use. Ice lasts much longer.
  • Need another pillow? Put your clothes in a stuff sack.
  • If you won’t have access to safe water, take plenty with you.
  • Keep a bottle of water by your sleeping bag at night so you won’t have to get up if you get thirsty.
  • Write out a packing list of everything you want to take.- Cross out items as you pack them and you won’t forget anything.

Astronomy Lake Cruise

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8 Jul 2010
Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area

Meeting place: Visitor Center


Join Dixie Andros of Northwest Arkansas Community College as you celebrate Galileo’s invention of the telescope. Assemble your own personal Galileo telescope, then join Dixie and the Hobbs State Park staff aboard our 28-foot pontoon boat at Rocky Branch Marina as we cruise to a special location on Beaver Lake and use your new telescope to view the night sky. Registration and pre-payment required; call (479) 789-5000 for more information and to register.
Admission: $50, $10 extra person on cruise

Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area
20201 East Highway 12
Rogers, AR  72756
Ph: (479) 789-5000

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