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19 Aug 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BAILEY’S BEAVER LAKE GUIDE SERVICE (479)366-8664 With water temps exceeding 88 degrees stripers are back on the lower section. They are feeding actively! Most striper are being caught between 30 and 60 feet deep with some large fish caught near 100 ft deep. The striper are in their big summer schools! Night fishing is hot right now! Try lights near rocky branch and point 5, shad, minnows, and spoons are catching nice whites, hybrids and stripers with some walleye, catfish and crappie. Check along bluffs and tree lines! Bombers and redfins fished on down riggers are producing nice striper at night….troll baits at about 1.5- 2.5 miles per hour. Umbrellas are also producing at this speed. Work the area above the thermocline where the bait fish are holding when trolling umbrellas.

The striper really get active when they are generating.
The morning bite has been over by 8a.m and the night bite starts around 9 p.m. And with the heat of summer daytime fishing is nonproductive….

Striper are keyed on steeper breaks with quick access into deep water where they can ambush shad. Their summer pattern has begun and striper are holding deeper.

Live Gizzard shad as always on Beaver Lake when fishing for Trophy Stripers is the go to approach.

The following area’s will be holding striper at different times during the day.

On the mid and lower sections check out these area’s. Water surface temps are approaching the 90’s.

Rocky Branch- Try fords creek and goat island areas. The bluff at the escarpment. Fish being caught near the water intake also…

Point 5 is holding large schools of nice striper!!!! Several LARGE fish caught in this area this week!

Point 6 is holding some stripes!

On the lower section try

Indian creek-Holding some Striper

Lost Bridge-Holding striper in the area known as “Fish Trap Hollow” and “pine log” Check the area at point 3.

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