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On this week’s Adventure Arkansas, the guys head out to the beautiful Hobbs State Park and take a kayaking tour of Beaver Lake.

  The U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear a challenge brought by marine industry groups and others against the Environmental Protection Agency’s waiver allowing E15 in the marketplace.

Two accidents within the last week have sent four boaters to the Hospital, while claiming the life of another.

Get ready for the spring commissioning of your boat by following these simple tips to de-winterize it after a long, hard winter. If you did winterize your boat, you saved yourself some spring boat prep time and possible headaches now, which means the road between your boat and the water is shorter! Although it is […]

It is amazing what a little ding on a prop can do to a boat’s performance. Bigger dings are bigger problems. Gosh, those props turn so fast its pretty hard not mess up all of the blades when something gets in the way. Thankfully in this day of the Internet, when such a calamity happens […]

PowerTech Propellers has now won back-to-back IBEX Innovation Awards for 2010 and 2011 in the propeller category. The latest PowerTech! Propeller design, named the PowerStop, incorporates the world’s first reverse thrust propeller that performs great in both forward and reverse directions, according to the company.

Night navigation presents additional challenges. You should always operate at a slower speed at night and be on sharp lookout for the lights of other vessels. The lights displayed by other vessels will help you determine whether they are operating under power or sail, and their direction of travel. Once you’ve determined this, you apply […]

The more we research some subjects the more we discover that some of the assumptions we have operated on for years are not correct. There is probably no field in the boating world that is more a of a black art, or where there is more mis-information than in re-propping. But getting the right prop […]

At some point in your boating career you will probably want to anchor. You may want to stop and fish, swim, have lunch or stay overnight. A second reason to drop anchor may be to control the boat if bad weather is blowing you ashore or if your engine has quit and the wind and […]

Here is a great video showing outlining tips for ensuring you don’t become a nuisance on your PWC

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