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Two accidents within the last week have sent four boaters to the Hospital, while claiming the life of another.

Every year, about 700 Americans die in recreational boating accidents. Not surprisingly, a disproportional number of those accidents occur in the summer months, when we’re more likely to be out on the water—and less likely to be thinking about personal safety than about keeping the ice cold and the cooler well-stocked.  Since 1965 108 people […]

Night navigation presents additional challenges. You should always operate at a slower speed at night and be on sharp lookout for the lights of other vessels. The lights displayed by other vessels will help you determine whether they are operating under power or sail, and their direction of travel. Once you’ve determined this, you apply […]

United States Coast Guard Required Items on All Vessels Be sure to check out the following before you head out on the lake.

At some point in your boating career you will probably want to anchor. You may want to stop and fish, swim, have lunch or stay overnight. A second reason to drop anchor may be to control the boat if bad weather is blowing you ashore or if your engine has quit and the wind and […]

Here is a great video showing outlining tips for ensuring you don’t become a nuisance on your PWC

Last week the USCG announced that new passenger capacity rules would be going into effect in December, 2011. The Coast Guard has kept a wary eye on the growing obesity problem in the U.S. and will be raising the average weight calculation from 140 lbs (62.5 kgs.) to 185 lbs. (83.9 kgs.) — or an […]

“They always have a good time out there, tie up their boats,” boater Kaleb Binzant said. It’s these rowdy parties on a particular Beaver Lake cove Benton County sheriff’s deputies will be cracking down on. “They go from boat to boat and hoop and holler,” boater Chip Kinion said.

Clinging to his overturned 14-foot boat, the father desperately searched for his family. Seeing his wife behind him, clinging to their seven-year-old daughter and a loose seat cushion, he yelled, “Are you alright?” Then he scrambled around the stern to find his sons. There they were, treading water 15 or 20 feet away. They weren’t […]

A Vessel Safety Check is a courtesy examination of your boat (Vessel) to verify the presence and condition of certain Safety Equipment required by State and the Federal regulations. You can use this page to check your own boat then Use the  USCG’s Virtual Vessel Examiner to check your vessel by simply answering a series […]

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