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Patricia Campbell and her husband come out to the old Monte Ne site on Beaver Lake several times each year, to try to catch a glimpse of what once was.  “I love it, I love the history, I love the stories that I hear,” she said.  The resort town, founded in the early 1900’s, all […]

Now in its fifth year, our annual “Best Towns for Sportsmen” feature is an OL institution. Readers love to argue the merits of their burgs based on our rankings; local newspapers crow about the inclusion of their town; and realtors call to ask for extra copies of the issue.

(Rogers, AR) — The Army Corps of Engineers increased releases today from Beaver Dam as part of the ongoing effort to evacuate water captured in the flood pools of the White River lakes during heavy March rains.  A total of about 8,000 cubic feet per second will be released through the two turbines at full […]

Park Rangers are warning Beaver lake campers about the possibility of rising water and potential flooding during the next week.  Last April, during a episode of heavy rain the lake rose more than 15 ft in three days.  That capped off an April that saw more than 14 inches of rain, this week alone some […]

Preservationists have more time to push for preservation of one of the last remaining structures in a once-thriving resort town now partially submerged in a western Arkansas lake.

The Army Corps of Engineers is looking for partners to help preserve what’s left of the buildings at Monte Ne on Beaver Lake, corps officials said Tuesday.

Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area to Begin 2011-2012 Beaver Lake Eagle Watch Tours

A report on Beaver Lake water quality is now available on Beaver Water District’s website at The data is a result of water samples and clarity readings taken on Aug. 20th during Secchi Day on Beaver Lake, when citizen volunteers turned out to monitor 35 sites.

A Beaver Lake watershed lakeside map is now available to the public, free of charge, while supplies last. The map, which features the lake on one side and information about best management practices on the other side, is published by Beaver Water District and Audubon Arkansas.

Beaver Lake is seeing fewer swimmers than normal for two main reasons. Alan Bland of the U.S. Army of Engineers, said Sunday the traffic on the lake was light because people are afraid of the brown water.

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